About My Fashion

Erica Rogers

How many times have you seen clothes in an upscale department store or a posh boutique and cringed at the sight of the price tag? I've done it many times and have said to myself, "I could make that"! While reading my fashion blog, you'll share with me in my adventures in taking "boring" patterns from drab to fab by creating "inspired" looks pulled straight from those boutiques, the runway and fashion magazines. I'm no expert by any means, I'm just a frugal girl who's trying to make it in the fashion world at more reasonable prices.

About My Art

I first started drawing when I was about 15, but just recently started become really good at painting in 2009 when I started taking courses. Established in September 2008, APP is a non-profit organization for promoting contemporary art. I'm a member and love to paint and create and express art in many ways. APP aims to study and promote contemporary art in a sustainable manner, and to find an alternative way to further the development of art culture. Stay tuned for more!